2nd Silicon Valley Business Forum

Virtually hosted in Daejeon, Jeju Island and Silicon Valley

Welcome to our 2nd Silicon Valley Business Forum 2020!

The forum started from September 2020 virtually hosted by our partners from Silicon Valley and Seoul. However, the cooperation and engagement of both sides began much earlier, focusing on electric vehicles, clean energy, smart cities, sustainable agriculture nd safety under an umbrella of global sustainability.

Confronted with worsening COVID-19 around the world, we decided to have a day absolutely dedicated to address the healthcare issue. During the first day of the forum, we will have companies from Silicon Valley and other parts of North America and UK with cutting-edge technology and proven track record of solid business in the sector present their cases and share their knowledge and experiences. Korean panelists will present their cases as well and discuss the technologies presented during the forum, while taking questions from the audience.

We ask the participants to use to second day to visit the presenters’ websites to use the time to understand them better.

On the third day, we will have companies and panelists to address clean energy, e-mobility and smart cities. Speakers will be the leaders and pioneers of their fields with practical experiences. We strongly believe that every participant will leave the forum excited and inspired.

Theme: Healthcare and Sustainability in the Era of Pandemics


Healthcare and Sustainability in the Era of Pandemics



2020.12.8. ~ 12.10. (Silicon Valley)
2020.12.9. ~ 12.11. (Korea)

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Healthcare and Sustainability
in the Era of Pandemics

– DAY 1

– DAY 3