Silicon Valley Business Forum (“SVBF”)
started as a bridge between Silicon Valley and
Korea to facilitate entrepreneurs and established businesses of both worlds to
exchange the latest innovations and opportunities in their fields.
In doing so, our ultimate goal has always been to make a positive impact on the society.

By providing series of forums and building communities of common interest participated by business leaders, start-up leaders, investors, academic leaders, journalists, opinion leaders and governmental leaders, SVBF would like to create a place where the participants form a strong partnership through networks and continue growth and innovation.

We aspire to bring together the best innovators not only from Silicon Valley and
Korea, but also from all over the world to make our communities a better
place to live.

Since confronted by the global pandemic, we have seen fast change of our lifestyle and conventional ways of doing things.
We hope that our platform of innovations and positive human impact will significantly accelerate global recovery and reset for the better future.